Why Choose Cosmetic Ink?

Maybe you are unsure who to speak to to get advice?

Looking for the right professional you can trust?

It is so important that you feel confident with the artist you choose and are completely comfortable within the environment in which you are treated.


Below you will find some of the fundamental values that The Cosmetic Ink Clinic take huge pride to create a caring professional environment and ethos of the Clinic as a whole, devoted to bringing the best quality of care possible to its clients.

“I pride myself in ensuring my clients feel comfortable and cared for thoughout all stages of their new brow journey, from consultation to the end result, and ensure I am up to date with current guidelines and procedures in order for me to be able to treat you in the most profession and caring way to ensure you are in safe hands”- Anne-Marie

A few things that make all the Difference

Anne-Marie strives to ensure her clients know they are listened to at every step of their treatment from initial consultations to follow up calls. She offers a client centred bespoke service at which the clients well-being and desired result is the focus.

“It is so important to me that you feel your opinions, questions and concerns are understood in order for us to achieve a design we are both happy with”

“I treat all of my clients with the upmost respect, and understanding. As a professional, I offer advice and professional opinions alongside your own requests in order for us to achieve your desired result”. 

Treatments are always discussed in detail and  written guidance is given before any treatments go ahead.

Anne-Marie takes time to discuss and understand your own desired results and will explain why a certain treatment may be more suitable than another to achieve the outcome requested if required.

A pre-drawing on the skin using ‘Personalised Brow Design Method’ which uses precise measuring tools,  will be used to determine an estimate of the desired design in order for you to obtain an idea of the parameters in which the semi permanent artwork will be applied onto the skin. There is always plenty of time to discuss your thoughts on proposed brow designs and adjustments can be made after discussion before treatment goes ahead.

As a professional who is trained in the art of  permanent makeup it is important for any respectable artist in this field to be completely transparent when it comes to suitable design and/or treatment opinions.

“If I believe I am unable to achieve the outcome my clients desires, or for any reason they may be unsuitable for a particular treatment, I will inform them respectively of my thoughts and feelings, explaining my reasons for this decision”

“I will not carry out treatment in which I deem inappropriate or feel, from a professional opinion may not be a positive enhancement for my clients, honesty in this respect is a must in regards to this type of treatment in order to provide an respectable service to all”

At The Cosmetic Ink Clinic Anne-Marie prides herself on providing a clean environment ensuring all clients feel comfortable and safe at all times during their visit.

Anne-Marie is a fully qualified and insured Permanent Makeup Artist;  certificates are available for viewing within the clinic.

Anne-Marie holds a registration certificate from the local council (Kent) and this was awarded following an inspection of the clinic, procedures and equipment. A copy of this is displayed in the clinic which indicates the byelaws that must be adhered to relating to carrying out Permanent Makeup procedures.

The guidelines and regulations that the department of health has issued are followed strictly in relation to cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and Permanent makeup, in order to ensure the health and safety of all Permanent Makeup clients.

“Having previously worked in the medical sector, I have extensive training in health and safety requirements and procedures required to keep clients safe. I continue to implement these protocols within the clinic to ensure my clients are safe at all times”

Cosmetic Ink is a non-judgemental, inclusive establishment where equality is of the highest importance, regardless of age, race, ethnicity or gender and we welcome you to the clinic for all amazing treatments. 

To achieve the best result possible Anne-Marie will always allow for ample time for each treatment to be completed as required.

By choosing Cosmetic Ink, you can rest assured you will be treated in the most caring and understanding way. Anne-Marie takes time to understand all clients needs and discuss any concerns they may have prior to treatment. She is always available via phone email or txt should you have any questions in-between appointment times.

Only the best tools and products in the industry will be used. Reviews of products are conducted from time to time to ensure the treatments and services available are up to date high quality. Clients are always encouraged to review treatments and give honest opinions on the treatments and overall experience they have received in order for improvements to the whole treatment experience to be made where necessary. 

Referral Benefits

Any registered client who refers a friend or family member or buys a voucher for someone who is not a registered client of The Cosmetic Ink Clinic will entered into our yearly competition.

For each full paying referral you send our way. yourself and the person you have referred will be added to the yearly competition.

The competition draw will take place once a year every December


And there will be 2 lucky winners!


The Prize… a treatment of your choice from the full treatments menu! 

“I am so happy and grateful to be able serve the most amazing loyal clients and rewarding them for the loyalty and kindness they show is something I take very personally”

For more information about The Cosmetic Ink Clinics Referral Benefits and to see if you are eligible, please speak to Anne-Marie next time you contact or pop into the clinic.